Back to Blogging! Thank you Grammarly

I love to write. This issue for all these years is that I am unfortunately not very good at it. Take my ADD, throw in a bit of dyslexia and the result is a post full of typos and grammar errors.

It seems that I could spend hours writing and reviewing a post, but as soon as I hit publish–bam! Where did all the errors come from?

I eventually became so frustrated with my writing skills that I just plain gave up and moved on to making videos instead. Goodness, here comes another way for me to feel bad: now, not only do I have to worry about my grammar, but I also get to see how I look and sound.


Of course, I could use AI and robots to write posts based on my suggestions, but that does not feel right. The words are okay, but the context and the feeling are not true to me.

I have used the free Grammarly tool for many years but decided to switch to the premium paid version after being laid off in September 2023. The difference has been amazing, with the AI serving as a writing coach to me in real-time.

Now, as I write, the Grammarly coach is there with every paragraph, and I can feel my confidence growing. It has grown so much that I have decided to add regular blogging back to my life routine.

Thanks, Grammarly, for your excellent tool. The $ 12-a-month premium plan has been priceless in helping me regain confidence in my long-time passion for writing and storytelling.

If you would like to try Grammarly and help me earn a discount, here is a link to learn more!