Why is Dave Ramsey so angry?

Like millions of other people, my journey to getting debt-free and becoming financially independent has a lot to do with the teachings and motivation of Dave Ramsey.

I used to listen to his radio program frequently. Yes, actually on the radio as I was driving home from work. We eventually even hosted his course, and I am thankful for the motivation provided by his show and the baby steps.

I rarely listen to Dave anymore. I do not need the anger.

I get it. While I can’t say I have ever felt anger over the holes people dig with their financial lives, I have felt frustration. We paid off the house in 2014 as our last debt, and it has been 30 years since I carried over any credit card debt. (I do use a credit card–Sorry Dave).

I have lived excited about being debt-free and on the road to financial independence, and when you are excited about something, you tell others. I was so excited that I purchased copies of my favorite books to give away. If you were an employee who reported to me, it was inevitable that you would get the save in your 401K talk at least a couple of times a year.

Getting debt-free and being financially independent is something that I believe anyone can do with some education, motivation, and commitment.

But there is one big problem. No one cares.

I eventually realized that my talks were mostly bla bla moments, and I might as well have spoken in a Charlie Brown teacher voice. Whant wa ha mo ha. (huh)

Here is the deal. You can avoid the cliff that comes with blindly driving towards debt and overspending. It is not too late and if you are on your way, I am not angry. I just want you know that there is a different way.